Daycraft is a company whose products are designed in Hong Kong and made in China.  They make a WIDE variety of planners and journals in various styles and sizes.

The Covers: The covers are sturdy and well bound.  Planners and journals are available in both hard and soft covers, depending on the model you choose.

Size: Again, this varies from pocket-sized to “normal” journal size.

Paper: I’m not sure of the weight of the paper.  It is fairly thin, but not tissue-paper thin.  You can see writing on the other side of the paper, but there is not much bleed-through at all.   The pages are a very nice ivory color, smooth and fountain pen friendly.   The planners are dated and lined, while the journals are just lined.

Some notes on each product I tried: All the planners have some Chinese writing, maps and holidays, which don’t serve much use for users outside of China.  However, each planner does feature some extra blank pages for notes and each month begins with a full color page featuring and inspirational quotation (in English), which I thought was a really nice touch.

Signature Diary – Mini size in light pink (h83 x h125 mm): This is a great little planner to carry with you in a pocket, backpack or purse.  Of course, writing space is smaller because it is the mini size, but it’s lightweight and compact for transporting!   This planner also sports a harder cover for durability.  My sample was light pink, so how could I not love it?


Executive Diary in Pink (w108 x h149mm): Another pink planner — love it!  This one has a hard cover and an elastic closer to hook on a metal button on the front cover.  This was probably my favorite planner as it was simple, chic, a good size with a nice amount of writing space.


Chromatic Days in Blue (w106 x h150mm): This is a nice small and thin journal.  The edges of the pages are rainbow!  Its a nice journal with a soft cover.  Not my preference, but great if you like a soft cover!


Feminique Journal in Purple (w107 x h152mm): This is a great little journal.  It is compact with a hard cover and good paper.  Because its size is smaller, you will use a lot of pages if you have a lot to say, but I use it for short happenings I need to write down.  It was supposed to have a scratch and sniff scent of lavender, but I could not smell it.

Cool Notebook with the Film Projector cover (w106 x h153mm): I haven’t used this one yet, but expect it will be just as good as the Feminique!

I can’t find the model of the grey planner with cool black plastic decoration, but that one is cool too!!


Overall: A great line of planners and notebooks.  I would recommend these, espeicially if you want something different than all the standard planners available in the office supply stores.  I want the Vogue planner in white!

Daycraft also makes sketchbooks for you artists and doodlers out there!  Check out the entire Daycraft line at  As their website says, they “make your day.”

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