Is it possible to be in love with a planner?  Is it?  If it is, then I might be in love with the 2011 Daycraft Vogue Diary in Ivory.

Cover: In my opinion, this is one of the greatest cover in the history of diary covers.  It is available in ivory, blue or black quilted patent leather.  It might be plastic, but it looks like patent leather.  I chose ivory and it is feminine and oh so glamorous – just my style.  It is case-bound and sturdy with a red velvet ribbon to hold your page.

Size: I chose the large size, which is is w151 x h215 mm and contains 408 pages.  It also comes in a tiny pocket version, a small version, and a long skinny version.  You can view all the dimensions at the product page here.

Layout: The large size is a day per page with timeslots for each hour, 8am to 10 pm.  However, the weekends featuring Saturday and Sunday each filling one-half of a page without hour markings.  Each page also features a few lines at the bottom for notes.  Each month has a different color scheme.  The months are separated by a colored and patterned page and then each day of the month also has a matching strip of that color/pattern at the top of its page.  The first page of the month also features an extra space for notes, a quickview calendar of the days of the month and an inspirational quotation.  I find the quotations are quite a nice touch and make the diary feel more personal.

Paper: The pages are sturdy and the paper is a nice weight, although not as thick as Clairefontaine.  The shade is a nice white (not too bright), lined with black/dark grey lines for your entries.  The paper is definitely fountain pen friendly.  You can see writing on the backside of the pages, but there has been no actual bleed-through.

Improvements: There are two things that I would prefer differently for this diary.  First, I would prefer Saturday and Sunday to have their own pages with hour markings, just like the other days of the week.  Second (and most important), I would like the cover to be re-fillable.  Daycraft changed the Vogue covers from 2010 to 2011 and I do not know if they will change the covers again for 2012.  I would absolutely love to just refill the planner part and keep using the cover forever!

Other notes: Daycraft diaries feature extra pages, such as international holidays, world times, IDD codes, nutritional information and more, which can be helpful.  There are also pages for contact information and notes; another great addition.

Overall: LOVE LOVE LOVE!  This Daycraft Diary definitely makes my day.  Visit Daycraft’s website at

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  1. Sarah

    That is a stunning looking planner. I agree with you on companies puting hour markers for weekend days or at least giving each day a page to itself. If you find one, I would love to know about it.

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