I just packed a box of ballpoints I do not use. I am sending them to help kids in Africa with their education. So can you.

There is a charity called Pens for Kids. They accept new and used pens in good, working condition. They take these pens and give them to kids in Africa to assist them in furthering their education. You can either send the pens to PFK’s U.S. branch and then they will ship them to Africa, or you can ship the pens directly to their branch in Africa.  If you don’t have any pens to donate, you can send them a monetary donation, which helps them pay shipping costs for the pens going to Africa.

I think education is extremely important and rather than letting those crappy pens from meetings and conventions sit in a drawer, I’m helping kids in Africa increase their knowledge.   Go to  www.pensforkids.com.

3 comments on “Donate Pens to Help Kids

  1. Linda

    Wow, this is terrific! Thank you so much for spreading the word about Pens For Kids! We have sent over 30,000 pens since June of 2008. Such small things can make very big differences in these kids lives and we are very grateful for your support!

  2. Pen Guy

    If you happen to have Dead pens and use them for my Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens. I sent a box of new ones to Africa once my self. The kids sent me back their old dead crayolas and I glued them on my car. That was a blast.

  3. admin Post author

    I checked out your website – those kids are so cute!

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