Welcome to my new blog about fountain pens, inks, paper, journals, etc.  I love fountain pens and their associated items for many reasons. Here are some:

– the ease of writing with them; the ink often flows so smoothly from the nib

– the fact that many vintage pens work just as well, if not better than today’s pens

– the quality of craftsmanship

– the beautiful designs and patterns of the pen bodies and engraving on the nibs

– their vintage, yet timeless quality

– the many different ink choices

– the great bottles to house the ink

– the history behind them

I will be writing about pens/inks/paper I like and also reviewing some items. If you have a pen, ink, paper or related item you would like me to review, please contact me at plume dot etoile at gmail dot com.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to sharing more about pens and ink with you.

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