I had to take a multiple choice test yesterday.  Like most mulitple choice tests, you had to darken the oval of your chosen answer with a No.2 pencil.  That was fine and I used my classic yellow pencil I blogged about earlier.

When the proctor was reading the instructions, he said we were to use No.2 soft-lead pencils and not to use a fountain pen.  I smiled to myself as I would have loved to use a FP on the test if it had erasable ink.  (Do they have erasable ink for fountain pens?  I have seen it for ballpoints.)

I found the test instructions to be charming and I bet most people in the room had never used a fountain pen in their lives.

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Last Modified: March 21, 2009

2 comments on “FPs on a multiple choice test?

  1. Kim

    I was definitely thinking along similar lines the other day when taking a multiple choice test. I have decided what I really need ultimately is a nice fountain pen and pencil matching set!

  2. Emilio Villegas

    there is in fact erasable fountain pen ink, Lamy Blue or Waterman’s Blue for example. You just need an extra pencil like eraser which you can buy from Pelikan , Lamy and many other brands. Here in Germany it is very popular.

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