Review: Sula Jane and Earl Pen Sleeves

More goodies from Sula Jane and Earl!  The next products are the Single Pen Sleeve and Shorty Single Pen Sleeve.  Again, a wide variety of colors are available.  The leather is the same quality as the previously reviewed Calling Card Sleeve, so I won’t go into the same specifics.  The sleeve is cut and stitched well and seems like it will hold up to many uses.

The Single Sleeve measures Approximately 6.5″ H X 1.75″ W and mine is in “Scarlet,” a lovely deep red color. I couldn’t get the color right on the screen, as I think the photo made the color appear brighter than it in actuality.  The color is actually a little darker and not as bright as the photo.  For reference purposes, I photographed the sleeve with a full sized Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen, as I thought most people would be familiar with those pens and could get a good idea of the sleeve size in reference to the Varsity. I didn’t slide the pen all the way in for the photo, but a Varsity will actually slide all the way in and leave about 0.5” of room at the top.  The Single Sleeve is available for $24.


 The Shorty Sleeve is the same as the Single Sleeve, except shorter!  The Shorty measures approximately 5″ H X 1.50″ W, which is perfect for my demi and junior sized pens.  These smaller pens will fit fully inside the sleeve without sticking out of the top much or at all.  My Shorty is pictured below in Plum, and the Plum in my Shorty features a slightly different leather pattern/texture than the Single Sleeve.   The Shorty Sleeve is available for $21.


Review: Sula Jane and Earl Calling Card Sleeve

I recently had a very fun “un-birthday” when I received a package of goodies from Sula Jane and Earl.  Kelly at SJ&E was so kind to send me a few different things, so it felt like my birthday, even though it wasn’t! To give each product it’s proper attention, I will break up the reviews instead of putting all the SJ&E products into one long post.

Sula Jane & Earl is a family owned business that hand crafts high-quality leather goods for pens, journals, and iPhones.  According to SJ&E’s website, they owners believe that “to be modern, you need to be a little old fashioned.”  People after my own heart…

Here is the lovely bag it all came in with the company’s logo:

The first product out was the Leather Calling Card Sleeve.  I received mine in Carnation, a light, baby pink color.  Kelly read my mind because I was hoping for this color!  If you are not a pink person, don’t worry, as there are many enticing colors from which to choose.

I have been keeping the sleeve in my purse with a small group of business cards in it.  It not only keeps the cards together, but that little flash of pink makes me happy every time I open my purse!   As with all the products I received, the leather is extremely soft and buttery feeling.  As you can see, the leather is “raw” on the inside.  While some leathers like this will flake off, the leather of this Calling Card Sleeve did not flake off onto my business cards.  It is stitched very well and seems quite sturdy.  It is debossed with the “SJ&E” logo.  Normally, I prefer monogramed items instead of those with company initials or logos, but the SJ&E logo is unobtrusive and actually an enhancement to the visual appeal of the product.  While it does hold enough cards for a night out, I decided to insert fewer cards than the case actually might hold to avoid stretching the leather.  It’s also perfect for slipping into a pocket so that I don’t have to keep opening my purse to hand someone a card during a business event.  Overall, I am really enjoying this case!

The case measures approximately 2.5″ H X 4.5″ W and can be washed/conditioned.  One sleeve retails for $19 and you can save a little cash by purchasing two sleeves at $32.