Westcott Scissors and Mouse Scissors

I am breaking a bit from the normal review items to review a few Westcott items sent to me by  Please don’t think I am straying from this blog’s purpose.  I will still continue to review the pens, inks, paper, etc. that are integral to this blog.  However, since these items were sent to me, I have an obligation to post a review.  (For anyone that is still waiting for your product to be reviewed, they are coming!)  Click on image thumbnails for full views.

First Item:  Westcott Titanium Bonded Non-Stick 8″ Straight Handle Scissors

The scissors look like scissors.  They have grey and yellow handles with silver colored blades.  The inside of the blades has a textured coating, which probably is the “non-stick” element.  The yellow part of the handles are a slightly softer rubber.  Despite the softer rubber, I find these scissors to be less comfortable than my cheaper no-name plastic handled scissors.  The blades kind-of stick to each other when you first open the scissors.  They cut fine, but nothing about it’s abilities blew my mind.  I haven’t cut tape with them, but apparently the blades won’t stick on tape or glue.  That could come in handy when packing things with tape.  Overall, they are well made and are very nice scissors.   They are $13.14 at

Second Item:  Westcott Scissors Mouse

I had high hopes for this item, but unfortunately I was disappointed.  This item looks like a computer mouse, but is really a scissors and you cut the paper by gliding the mouse across the paper.  The good thing is that it will not damage the surface under your paper because the blade is not exposed and the paper has to go in a little catch on the underside of the mouse before it can be cut.  This item also comes in a variety of nice colors, and a zebra pattern.  There is also a little rule on the front on the mouse so you can line up where you want to cut.  I thought that was a very handy feature.

I first tried this with an index card, but I had to use quite a bit of force to push the mouse all the way through the card and it bent the card while I was pushing it.  It is supposed to handle up to 20 pages at once, so I didn’t think one index card would have been a problem.  I then tried it on 2 pieces of paper together and it performed much better.  This item may be good for those with arthritic fingers who can’t use regular scissors, and some customer reviews on say that it works great for coupons, scrapbooks, and gift-wrapping.  I will continue to give it a chance, although so far I prefer my regular scissors.  The Scissors Mouse retails for $10.75 at

Third Item:  Westcott Kids Scissors with Microban Protection

These are kids scissors for ages 4 and up with a blunt tip.   I didn’t try them because I don’t needs kids scissors, but I would imagine they work like the adult scissors reviewed above.  These scissors have Microban protection, which, according to the package, “contains an antimicrobial ingredient to prevent microorganisms from degrading the product.”

The best thing about these scissors that they sent me is the color — they are pink.  The worst thing about these is the Microban.  If you are into safe and healthy products for your kids, check out these two sites regarding using products with Mircroban: and The Daily Green.   If it were for me or my kid, I would look for something without Microban, as I don’t know what harmful effects it could have.

These scissors retail for $2.06 on


I have to say I am sorry I didn’t give better reviews to these products.   I do appreciate Westcott and Shoplet providing the products to me, but I have to be honest in my reviews.  I have reviewed these products with my honest opinion.  If you do purchase these products, I hope you enjoy them.