Sharpies Galore! (Review)

I was fortunate to receive a collection of Sharpie pens from  My package contained:

Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers (Gold and Silver)

Sharpie Premium Pen.


I won’t go through my usual pen review categories on this review since most people have used Sharpie pens before and will be familiar with them.  Click on the thumbnails for the full photos.

The Neon markers are what you would expect from Sharpie, although they smell a little different.  The colors in the pack are neon yellow, pink, blue, green, and orange.  When first writing with the yellow, the ink looks like a dark marigold, but once it dries it is a bright yellow that is bright enough to be readable on white paper, but can also double as a highlighter if needed.  The orange is quite bright, while the green and pink are tolerable and the blue is actually a somewhat calming color.  They perform exactly as one would expect from a Sharpie.  This pack of five neon Sharpies sells for $8.94 on


The gold and silver Metallic Sharpie markers are also what you would expect from a Sharpie, but the metallic ink and felt tip is a little softer than non-metallic Sharpies, especially with the silver ink.  The gold is in the middle between the silver and a non-metallic Sharpie.  These also smell like regular black Sharpie pens and are the same in body, etc. to the classic Sharpie.  These metallic pens are some of my favorite Sharpie markers because the metallics work great on white, black, or colored paper — plus, I love metallics!  You can also use these markers to decorate plastic.  I used it on a planner cover and am thinking about using them on the Kantek Desktop Tablet Stand as well.  I have even seen DIY projects where people use the Sharpies on dishware and then bake it in the oven to set the design!  Although I received this gold/silver two-pack from, also available is a three-pack with gold, silver, and bronze.  The gold/silver two-pack sells for $4.56 on


The Sharpie Premium Pen really got me excited.  I had heard about this pen before and jumped at the chance to try it.  The body and cap are stainless steel with a chrome clip.  The pen sports a black jewel at each end and a black band where the cap meets the body.  The pen does have black lettering on the side that says “Sharpie | Pen” and frankly I would prefer if that was omitted.  I think it makes the pen look less high-end than it would without the logo.  The section is a soft and smooth rubber grip that is extremely comfortable to use.  The pen is light enough to be comfortable for long writing sessions, but heavy enough that it doesn’t feel too light.  I’d say it’s just right.

I find the pen to be better balanced when writing unposted as it’s a little tall and top-heavy when posted in my opinion.  The fine tip is a pourous point, which is basically like a felt-tip.  It’s similar to the fine tipped Sharpies, but I find a better comparison is to the Cross Porous-Point (Felt-Tip) 8443 Refill.   The two best parts about this pen are that 1) it’s refillable! and 2) NO SMELL!  It’s so nice to use a Sharpie product without that terrible smell that is guaranteed to give me a headache.  I have been using this pen consistently since receiving it and it has become one of my most used pens.  It is comfortable to use, even for those of us with arm/wrist issues and I find myself reaching for it frequently – especially for jotting notes that require faster writing than is ideal for a fountain pen and for papers that don’t do well with a nib.  The ink has very minimal show-through and no bleed-through.  This one was definitely a score!  Plus, the price is definitely write for such a quality-made pen.  The Sharpie Premium Pen sells for $6.13 on


(Shoplet asked me to include the following links to products/services provided by Shoplet, so here they are:  Office SuppliesSharpie Premium PenMetallic Permanent Sharpie markersNeon Permanent Sharpie markersPromotional ProductsPromotional ShirtsOffice Stationery)

Review: House of Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar with Large Notes Section

This product was sent to me for review by the kind people at House of Doolittle and

I don’t really use these types of calendars (and didn’t know this was being sent to me), so I am going to refer to you to my review on the House of Doolittle Weekly/Monthly Planner for comments on the quality of product and paper.  It is my guess that this desk pad calendar lives up to the same quality as the planner.  For someone that does use this type of desk pad calendar, I think it would be a great choice!

You can purchase this product (for $5.91 + shipping!) from by clicking here.


Review: House of Doolittle Wirebound Weekly/Monthly Planner

I am trying a different kind of planner this time – a wirebound, weekly, large-sized planner made from recycled materials.  Specifically, the 2013 Weekly/Monthly Appointment Planner by House of Doolittle.  This product was sent to me for review by the kind people at House of Doolittle and

Cover:  The cover is made from “embossed simulated leather” composed of 50% recycled material.  To be honest, it feels more like a flexible plastic, and one can see texture added.  The cover color of mine is black, although I do not know if it comes in other colors.  If you are a person that likes colors and patterns – fear not!  I am about to give you an opportunity to express your creativity.  What did I do with my plain, all-black cover?  I took out my metallic Sharpie markers and drew a design on the cover.  Now, not only does it look quite spiffy – it is also completely unique!  You can do the same with paints, fabrics, decopage, glitter, etc. to create something completely your own.  (The photos below were taken before I decorated my cover.)

Size: It’s quite large for a planner, 8.5 x 11″ to be exact.  While I normally don’t use planners this large, it’s size actually has a more executive attitude.  I feel like I have more space to write and see my week all at once.

Layout: Each month begins with a month-view calendar, similar to the box format you would find in a wall calendar.  There is a column for notes on the right side.  I used these monthly pages to write birthdays and other important dates so that I can check them at the beginning of each month, as well as transfer the information to the appropriate weekly page.  The rest of the pages are a weekly layout with one full column for each day of the week.  Some smaller planners have shorter spaces for the weekend, but I like that Saturday and Sunday get equal spacing and scheduling time.  The week starts on Monday, and each day has and 8:00 AM – 8:30 PM schedule.  Each hour has two lines, so you can write in something at the half-hour mark if needed.  There is also a “Memos” section at the bottom of each column, and a column for notes off to the side.  Each page is tabbed by month so you can easily flip to the desired month, however, you may need a clip or bookmark for the pages within the current month.  There are a few blank lined pages at the back, and an owner information page at the front.

Paper: The paper is made from 100% Post-Consumer Paper and printed with soy ink.  Let’s be clear, this is not Clairefontaine paper.  For recycled paper, it is fairly smooth.  It is a nice bright white, and printed with blue text and grey lines.  The paper is on the thinner side, but sturdy.  There is definite show-through, both from the page printing and from fountain pen ink.  I have not experienced bleed-through, although Private Reserve’s DC Supershow Blue did have more significant show-through.  Most fountain pen inks do feather slightly on this paper, but it’s not glaringly obvious – you have to look more closely to really see the feathering (although more saturated inks like DCSSB do have slightly more pronounced feathering).

Improvements: It would be nice if the daily schedule starting earlier than 8 AM and ending later than 8:30 PM, although the memo section could be used to compensate for the later hours.  Also, tear-off tabs like the Exaclair-distributed planners would be helpful to easily find the current week within the current month.  I would also like it if there was no feathering and less show-through.  The planner is also non-refillable, which may be a bother to some people.

Other notes: I really like that this planner is made from 100% recycled products, 100% post-consumer paper, 100% made in the USA, 50% recycled cover  material, 90% recycled wire, and printed with soy ink.  I am actually surprised at the high quality of this planner due to it’s mostly recycled content.  It makes me feel more responsible to be using something environmentally friendly, and I like that the company is supporting the US economy by making products at home.  Another cool thing is that the company has been making dated products since 1919 and all of their products are made from recycled materials.  I also really like that the large format and layout lets me see my whole week and each day in it at once, with enough writing room to see actually what I am doing throughout the day.

Overall: I haven’t gotten to use this planner extensively yet because the dates don’t begin until January 1, 2013.  However, I am looking forward to using this and seeing how it goes throughout the year.

Purchase:   If you would like to purchase this planner from for $14.15 + shipping, click here for the product page.