Review: Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand

I realize this product is a little different than those I normally review, but I originally got this Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand courtesy of because I thought it would also be useful for propping up papers while working.  I thought I could prop my papers up facing me to ease strain on my neck from alternating between working on the computer and looking down at my desk at my notes.  Unfortunately, this stand was not good for propping up papers as the stand is too short and the papers fall over the back.  However, it is great as a tablet stand, which is it’s intended purpose.

IMG_3216 IMG_3217

The stand is made from black plastic and it feels fairly sturdy.  I am itching to maybe decorate it with some metallic Sharpie pens (review forthcoming) or some crystals.  The base rotates, which is a nice feature.  Another really helpful feature is that the little space where the tablet actually fits has a rubberized coating to hold the tablet securely and there is less risk of it sliding out if you hit it accidentally.  Possibly the best feature if that it folds up!  This is great for storing the stand somewhere inconspicuous when not in use.  I love that feature because I definitely do not want to look at things taking up space on my desk when they are not needed.  I haven’t used other tablet stands so I cannot say how they compare, however, I think this product does the job well.

I think the most use for this tablet would be watching a video on a tablet, reading a book on the tablet, or even using this stand in the kitchen if you like to have your recipes on your tablet.  I only photographed the tablet in a vertical position, but you can also use the tablet horizontally as shown on the packaging photograph above.


The Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand sells for $19.99 at


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