Once again, it has been too long since the last review and I still have many items patiently waiting for their place in the spotlight.  I’m working on it!
This review is for a fountain pen by the Think company.  Think pens are very cool and unique.  Many of their designs are unlike any other pens on the market.  I predict it might be very difficult for you to pick just one design!

Furthermore, the website for Think pens is creative with inspirational sayings.  This is definitely a company made of pen people, as its motto, “Think in Ink,” demonstrates.  You can find more Think pens at www.thinkpens.com.

I have been privileged to have the Alla Moda fountain pen in the color “Slicker,” from Think’s newest collection of pens.

Appearance: This is a colorful pen!  The body is a turquoise color with a contrasting and eye-catching orange section.  The top of the cap is also the same orange.  The rest of the resin cap is a beautiful deep metallic blue with lines through it to give it a marbled look.  I think it almost looks like electricity, which reflects the energy of the pen.  The pen is then trimmed in engraved chrome with a chrome jewel on top featuring a “T.”

Nib: The nib is still in a Medium point.  All Think pens are only available in Medium.   I was a bit concerned about the Medium nib before using the pen, as I am normally a person who prefers Fine nibs.  However, I worried for nothing.  The Medium nib laid down an average sized line that was neither too thin nor too wide, as you will see in the photos below.  The nib is sturdy, but the tines will open if pressure is applied.

Opening and Closing: This pen is a twist cap and posts securely.

Size/Weight: This is a thick, fat pen…or maybe I should say phat.  Anyway, there is definitely more pen to grip.   I was also concerned about this aspect before using the pen, but it is actually very easy to write with and a great change from always writing with thin pens.  The thickness of this pen would be especially great for someone with large hands.

The pen also feels sturdy in the hand, without being heavy.  I prefer to use this pen unposted, as posting the cap makes it a bit top-heavy.  However, someone with larger hands than I have would probably disagree.

Writing: No problems here!  It lays down a smooth line and is really a fun addition to the collection.  The pen will dry up if not used for a while, but this is typical of most fountain pens.  The usual trick of running the nib under water will cure this temporary condition.

Ink: The ink in the photos below is Diamine Chocolate Brown.

Other Considerations: Think pens are available in cartridges or converters, so there is something for everyone.  I prefer converters and that is how I used the pen for this review.

The Box: If the pen wasn’t exciting enough, box aficionados are going to be thrilled.  The box is bright green plastic, lined in black felt, with a sliding top bearing the name “THINK” in black and magenta.  It’s quite cool and just as eye-catching as the pen!

Overall: A very cool pen.  I would like to try more of the Think line.  Preview all the designs at www.thinkpens.com.

2 comments on “Think Pens: Alla Moda in “Slicker”

  1. Thomas

    Great review of an interesting pen, what would be great (in future) is to include some basic stats like materials used, dimensions, pricepoint?

    I think I will have to check them out myself! Reminds me a bit of Delta.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your suggestions, Thomas. I did include that the pen is made of resin, but I didn’t know any dimension or price information to include. I can try to include this information for future reviews.

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