The Bottle: A small rectangle plastic bottle. I think this is just for sampling purposes.

The Color: This is a really great dark brown. I am generally not a brown fan, but really like the warmth of this one. Another plus of this one is that it is close to black and therefore may be able to add some variety to writing in a business environment.

This ink is pretty consistent on different papers. There is no feathering and not much shading due to its dark hue. The writing sample in the photos was taken with a glass dip pen, so again, it is a bit darker than when writing with a filled pen.

Consistency: Saturated and consistent. It flows well. I found it dried in the pen if I didn’t use the pen enough, but part of this seems to be due to the pen. Other inks did dry in this pen, just not quite as much as this Chocolate Brown.

Other Considerations: As you can see from my writing samples, the ink is not waterproof.  Overall, this is a great brown color and I like it!

2 comments on “Diamine Ink: Chocolate Brown

  1. Susan

    I love brown ink but find most brown fountain pen inks to be too light or too red. I’ve been looking for a fountain pen ink similar to the Uni-ball Signo brown-black gel pen, a very dark brown. This looks like it may be the one. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Susan. I’m so glad you enjoyed the review and it has helped you find your brown ink!

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