Mont Blanc recently invited me to preview their new Ingrid Bergman pen. I unfortunately do not have photos to share  because I did not bring my camera when I previewed the pen.

The Ingrid Bergman pen is beautiful with a mother of pearl style cap and amethyst on the clip.  The body of the pen is black resin.  If you are familiar with the Mont Blanc writing experience, the pen writes the same.  What really amazes me about the Bergman, Dietrich and Garbo pens is that Mont Blanc really evokes the essence of each woman in the style of the pen.  It is hard to explain, you have to see them to experience it.  You can view the Bergman pen at Mont Blanc’s website here.

While at Mont Blanc, I also browsed the Starwalker, Boheme and my personal favorite, the new Etoile collection.  How could I not love it with that name?!  The other pen I really liked is the one to benefit Unicef, with a beautiful sapphire stone in the cap.

While the Mont Blanc pens are some of the most gorgeous around, I found the nibs to drag.  Have you had this experience?  What do you think of the Mont Blanc pens?

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  1. montblancfountainpen

    First let me say that I am extremely jealous that you were able to test drive Montblanc’s Ingrid Bergman Fountain Pen. This is an amazing pen that I have only been able to admire it from afar. So knowing how it looks, I’d be interested to know how it feels. I must admit that I have only experienced a Meisterstuck that was passed down to me from my father. It’s a weighty pen and I found the nib to glide nicely, even for its age. I also agree with you about the essence of the pen. Montblanc is brilliant at capturing their subject and displaying them in the pen. Thanks for the post.

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