The Color: A bright, standard blue with purple undertones.  It is quite similar to the color of the ink in many blue ballpoint pens. 

On Paper/Consistency: Very wet, saturated and consistent.  This ink flows very well and is always reliable.  I have never had a problem with it.

Overall: As a personal preference, it is not the type of blue I would normally buy.  However, I had bought a vintage pen on eBay and when I cleaned the pen, Eclat de Saphir almost exactly matched the dried ink in the pen.  The pen was from the 1950s, but I do not know the last time it had been inked.  In any case, I decided to stick with that color in the pen as a homage to its past usage.  Like I said, this ink is very reliable and it is a regular in my rotation.

Purchasing and Pricing: A 30mL bottle runs between $7-10 depending on the retailer and is available at most online retailers catering to fountain pen and ink users.



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Last Modified: November 1, 2010

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