The Color: It is definitely red, but there are orange-toned reds and blue-toned reds and this red definitely skews on the orange side.  

Consistency: Mostly, very dry in flow and watery in saturation.  However, the color was quite vivid at more saturated moments.

Overall: Le sigh.  I love (LOVE!) J. Herbin inks, but I just do not like this one. While I normally prefer blue-toned reds to orange-toned reds, I could still like this color if not for the flow and saturation problems.  This ink is just too dry and doesn’t flow well.

Purchasing and Pricing: A 30mL bottle runs between $7-10 depending on the retailer and is available at most online retailers catering to fountain pen and ink users.

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Last Modified: November 1, 2010

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